Halloween Costume Party Shirt Prison County Jail Tee Shirt

Halloween Costume Party Shirt Prison County Jail Tee Shirt
Tired of going to a Halloween costume party as a scary skeleton, vampire, witch, zombie, or pumpkin? This county jail inmate tee shirt will get the point across at your costume party, simple to improve upon with some handcuffs, iron leggings, or ski mask!

Funny last minute Halloween prison county jail inmate costume party shirt great for mom, dad, or grandma. Maximum security inmate psych ward on the loose!

Wear the funny state prison inmate shirt out at the bars or clubs to turn heads. Imagine the look on the faces of the people at the Halloween party who don't know you! They may have to do a double take and question if you are in fact a friend or an escapee on the loose looking for safe harbor.

This orange federal county jail maximum security prisoner psych ward t shirt makes you center of attention. Orange county jail costume shirt simple Halloween tee is not only an inexpensive way to party this holiday season, you really can make the most with little by adding a few things or nothing at all and still have one of the best costumes at your party.
Orange Jail Inmate Tee Shirts
Jail Inmate Tee Shirts

This county jail shirt is a great last minute gift idea. This funny county jail inmate shirt puts you at the center of attention no matter the type of party. Not only can you and your partner goes as a couple costume, you could outfit a crew of friends and form your very own chain gang! Imagine a half dozen people walking into the party all dressed in orange inmate shirts.

Wear your Halloween county jail costume to work or surprise granddad with his own tee. This is the shirt gift idea that will keep on giving years from now if you only wear it in October each year. This bright orange t-shirt is definitely going to stand out from the common Halloween costumes that you see year after year.

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