Funny Uranus Gag Gift Space Planet I Love Uranus Shirt

Funny Uranus Gag Gift Space Planet I Love Uranus
Funny Uranus gag gift says it all, I Love Uranus! UFO alien contact should begin with I Heart Uranus, which means we would be happy to travel in a flying disc to Uranus. If the aliens are coming to Earth, they most certainly have been all over Uranus by now and would love to continue with their probing.

Alien abduction conversation should start with I love Uranus. It really is simply, and this Uranus shirt tells the world that world that you are fine with alien abduction, especially when it pertains to regions around Uranus.

Funny Uranus tee shirt says no to conspiracy theorists, retro humor parody about seventh planet simply says I Love Uranus. You have heard all the conversations about keeping Earth clean because it is not Uranus, now your Uranus t-shirt will proudly go where most are afraid to venture.

Uranus has been the subject of fart jokes long enough, the solar system needs to love Uranus. Gag gift for anyone who loves Uranus! This solar system shirt is perfect for the astronomy lover, the science teacher with a sense of humor, or your old man who can not help to crop dust the family whenever he walks on by.
I Love Uranus Shirt
Funny Uranus Tee Shirt

Funny Uranus gag gift for space enthusiasts, teachers, astronomy students, and anyone serious about showing love and cleaning up Uranus. The solar system, the milky way, and the galaxy for that matter, are not going to clean themselves. Show some planet love by focusing your efforts on keeping Uranus in the best continue possible so that your children, and future generations, will be able to talk about Uranus to their family and friends.

Great Uranus astronomy gift for space lovers, the science buff, your favorite science teacher, any geek, and every nerd. Just say it out loud, that I love Uranus! How large was your smile? This amazingly funny Uranus shirt will certainly break the ice, lighten the mood, and get more people than ever focused on Uranus. Now, isn't that a great way to leave the planet when you are done?


  1. My boyfriend is obsessed with Uranus, wait, what, that sounds wrong and funnier than I thought! Excellent Uranus shirt, he loves it!

  2. LOVE MY URANUS SHIRT! I am like a child, still giggle when anyone says anything about Uranus!

  3. This is the best Uranus shirt on Earth! I laugh when I put it on and anyone reading it laughs out loud too. I love Uranus, say that out loud, and I am happy to spread Uranus to the world. God Almighty, this is the funniest thing ever....