Disc Golf Shirt Funny Frolf Basket Frisbee Golf Tee Shirt

Disc Golf Shirt Funny Frolf Basket Frisbee Golf Tee Shirt
Disc Golf tee shirts for those who play frolf and frisbee golf and are trying to avoid worm burners, a blank ace, or playing Plinko while looking like a professional is the process.

Avoiding trees is always a problem in disc golf when trying to get into the frolf basket. This is a sport unlike golf, that has been gaining popularity over the years and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with as new disc golf courses are popping up around the world.

Purchase disc golf shirts and funny frolf basket frisbee golf clothing for those who play disc golf to wear on the golf course. Not only will you look the part playing with your frisbee, you are going to get people who are not in the sport to ask the right kind of questions, and build up the fan base quickly.

Tree love is in the cards when you bank your disc off the trees in your favor in your new disc golf-wear. Each year, new tournaments are being added to the disc golf circuit, and the prize money is growing at a record pace as well.
Disc Golf Tee Shirt
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Buy official disc golf apparel and you'll hit that local route through tight gaps, play pinball in your favor off some pine trees, or hit the basket on your first try. Each time you grab your disc bag and head out to play, you are going to improve. This is a sport that you and your friends will enjoy because whether they are professional or just starting, everyone has a shot at getting the disc in the basket for that elusive ace.

This disc golf apparel will have you looking like a professional even when you have a robbery in the frolf basket or throw a Scooby by mistake. Look great hitting that disc golf basket on your first approach, whether using driver or putter. With so many different discs on the market these days, you want some disc golf shirts that simply say you love this sport and you are going to help spread the word to increase its popularity.


  1. Bought a half dozen of these disc golf shirts for my crew at the pizza place. We hit the course once a week and now look legit! Love the feel of these tees too, we be bangin' trees in style!

  2. My game sucks, but I look like a boss with my disc golf shirt.